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Dress Code





 Logo- free solid white or solid navy blue collared shirt

Lindsey Spirit wear

Undershirts must be plain white (only 1 may be worn under the uniform shirt)


Solid navy blue or khaki pants, shorts, jumpers, skorts, skirts (no stripes, patterns, fades). Blue jeans with NO RIPS, TEARS, or FRAYS. 


Must fit at leg/inseam and/or crotch

Shorts/skirts must be no shorter than mid-thigh (tip of fingers at sides)


Pull-over or zip up jackets, cardigan sweaters, vests, windbreakers must be logo and picture free. Only colors allowed: navy blue, gray, white, or with a Lindsey logo

Heavy winter coats or raincoats must be worn OVER an appropriate sweatshirt only outside during cold/rainy weather and may be any color


Belts, if worn, can be any solid color with plain logo free or initial free buckles

Socks/tights must be solid colors and logo/picture free

Shoes must be closed toe and cover the entire

Gloves outside only on cold days (must be matching pair)



Shirts (ie: halter tops, tank tops, sweatshirt, etc.) under uniform shirt

PE shirts under collared shirts

Pajama tops

Shirts knotted or tied in the back

Sagging, pants dragging on the floor, or pants tucked into socks, knotted or banded at the bottom

Athletic (sweat) pants/shorts of any kind, including nylon, fleece, or velour

Pajama bottoms

No cut-offs, no ragged legs

Plaid, striped, colored, oversized, or undersized sweatshirts or sweaters

Denim jackets of any color

Heavy winter coats/raincoats (may be worn outside the classroom only)

Hoods (safety reasons)

Initial buckles, Logo/picture belts or buckles, belt tails longer than 4 inches from belt loop, chains from loop/pockets or spiked belts

Sandals, mules, house slippers, CROCS, etc.

Hats, beanies, do-rags, bandanas, bonnets, sweatbands and athletic headbands.

Large chain or medallions worn outside or inside of shirt

Oversized earrings (safety reasons)